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Testing out Scent Galaxy’s OG Kush Candle

First things first: Even though the flavor of this candle is “OG Kush,” it doesn’t actually contain marijuana. In fact, Scent Galaxy, the online shop that sells it, has a habit of upselling (or in some cases, downselling) its candles through titles. While they sell all the expected scents — like caramel pumpkin swirl, leaves, sandalwood, and ocean breeze — a large portion of their votives have strange and enticing smells, like Black Ice, Moonlight Path, Instant Vacation, and Monkey Farts. But though these names are made-up, they’re not misleading; at least, the OG Kush isn’t.

The candle comes in a clear, cylindrical jar and has two wicks — a convenient addition, especially if one breaks or gets covered in wax. However, it would be hard to call the candle attractive. Rootbeer-brown in color, the wax on the surface by the wick has a puckered and glacial texture, sort of like super-dry or peeling skin.

The candle is sweet and earthy, with hints of fruit, and it actually does smell a bit like nugs of fresh, unsmoked herb. In some whiffs, it even smells a bit like Anthropolgie’s staple candle, Volcano by Capri Blue. The stench itself isn’t the strongest, and in a large room, it gets lost — so it is better suited for small spaces, like bathrooms.

According to Scent Galaxy’s website, the OG Kush has a “spicy,” “clean,” and “lovely” smell and is made of patchouli, lemongrass, and orange and pine oils. I can’t say I smelled the patchouli (thank God), but I definitely noticed the oils, which left a fresh, sugary odor long after the candle was blown out.

While this is not the candle for those wanting one made out of “real” weed, it will appeal to those who prefer subtle, natural smells — and who don’t care if their candle looks like frozen Coke.


OG Kush candle, $10-$25