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The Jetty Dablicator CBD Makes Meds Easy

And so much less intense than a standard dab rig.

Dab syringes can be a bad look. If you haven’t seen one, they’re actual syringes (without the needle) filled with concentrate that dole out extremely high doses of THC onto some sort of “dab rig,” which, let’s be honest, is the closest thing we have to freebasing weed. I’m not knocking it, but they’re certainly not for the faint of heart. Either way, the syringes are messy, and they can accidentally get you too high.

But the Jetty Dablicator is different. This proprietary gadget from the folks at Jetty Extracts takes the scaries out of dab-use with a remarkable tool that works like a mechanical pencil full of viscous, potent oil. The metal tip makes it easy to apply to a hot surface, but the coolest part about it is the way you can divvy the stuff out. When you twist the tip, a tiny button clicks up from the top, marking a 5-milligram dose that appears as a gooey bead on the other end when you depress the button.

The oil is “decarboxylated” — aka “activated” — which means the psychoactive properties have been unlocked through the application of heat, so you can also ingest the extract and get extremely high. Luckily for me, there’s also a Dablicator CBD. It’s the same device as the original, but it houses a blend of terpenes, various cannabinoids, and non-psychoactive plant oils and resins which, all told, come out to 54-percent THC and 10-percent CBD.

In my experience, eating any form of cannabis should be approached with caution, regardless of how CBD-heavy it is. But reviewing weed is an awesome gig, so I dove right into a standard single dose with reckless abandon.

I administered a click onto a Carr’s Table Water Cracker topped with blue cheese. After eating it, I realized I was in the middle of making save-the-dates for my wedding, and suddenly felt like I was in a race against time. I figured I had about an hour, and I started going hard on the spreadsheet in front of me.

But it all worked out. After about 30 minutes, I started noticing the inkling of a high, and a calm sensation progressed from there. One hour in, I was certainly feeling it throughout my body. But it wasn’t all CBD. I was definitely high, but in an extremely manageable way.

So, even though I ate my dose like a proper W.A.S.P. — one who was literally planning his wedding — I should note that one of the coolest things about this device is its versatility. It’s portable and relatively discreet, and it makes it easy to put a few drops in some tea, give a joint a special glaze, apply it to a bowl, or, of course, take a dab. The click-and-push feature is inspired, and properly addresses the problem of getting too damn high off extracts.

Next time, I might use it on an oyster.

Potency: 54-percent THC, 10-percent CBD

Smell: Oily and resin-y

Taste: I ate it with cheese and crackers, but then tasted a tiny bit. The taste is neither bad nor good.

Appearance: A funny, squat-looking pen.

Medical application: Use this for all your CBD-related needs.

Effect: Extremely pleasant body sensation, and very relaxing. A little bit of psychoactivity, but nothing that fully turns the corner into straight-up stoniness.


Available at Sparc, 1256 Mission St., 415-252-2722 or