Hmbldt ‘Bliss’ and ‘Relief’ Dosage Vape Pens


There’s nothing revolutionary about an oil-based vape pen in 2016. We’ve seen them, we’ve used them, and we’ve come to expect them. What makes hmbldt’s dosage vape pens so unique is their claim to provide a solution to the eternal problem of consistency in cannabis consumption.

We’ve all had the experience of eating an entirely too potent edible or buying a favorite strain for the 11th time only to find its properties and effects have changed since our last session. Knowing what we are getting with cannabis consumption has been a luxury many of us have been willing to forgo, but now we may not have to.

Hmbldt has created four unique oil solutions that are chemically constructed to address four specific needs. All four formulas feature a ratio of 88 percent cannabinoids to 12 percent terpenes.

With Bliss, the featured cannabinoids are specifically selected for their uplifting properties. Bliss also offers the highest amount of THC among the formulas with 1.49 mg per dose and 330 mg per pen. Alternatively, Sleep has 1.46 mg of THC per dose with .18 mg of CBD. While not reviewed in this article, Relief utilizes a much higher quotient of CBD (three times that of Bliss), while Calm targets soothing cannabanoids.

Similar to the concept behind the consistency of McDonald’s fries (although assuredly not hmbldt’s corporate ideal), with hmbldt one can purchase a pen in dispensaries the nation over and expect the exact same experience every time. It is an alluring prospect, but one I cannot in good faith speak to, as I am far from needing to replace either pen. That’s right, these babies last! Each pen is built to administer 200 dosages, and therein lays the fun.

Looking not entirely dissimilar from a oblong thermometer, the hmbldt pens have a clean plastic shell that leaves no chance of leakage and little room to break. While the pens are disposable, hmbldt includes literature in each box about how to recycle the units (with the promise of a discount for those who fulfill their duties). Along with the consistency the formula provides, each pen is also designed to give the exact same dose each time you take a pull.

Drag it with fervor or slowly inhale — you’re going to get a precise, measured dose from the hmbldt. Once you’ve hit the threshold, the mouth offers an iPhone-like vibration to let you know you’re done. Now before anyone gets all upset about having their smoking sessions regulated, know that you can administer as many consecutive doses as you want. The hmbldt literature that accompanies each pen suggests limiting oneself to three doses per hour, but it’s sure to vary widely based on tolerances and whether you are sharing with friends.

The Bliss dose is an entirely pleasant but hardly overwhelming buzz. Posited as an uplifting high, I didn’t feel too much of anything from a single dose. The effects were nice but definitely on the subtle side. I think two doses with a few minutes in between is probably necessary for anyone starting at sober and looking to end up … somewhere else. That said, the flavor and purity of Bliss were both impressive, a testament to hmbldt’s commitment to using high-quality Humboldt-sourced flowers and rigorously testing their products prior to putting them on shelves. The Bliss pen may not take you to outer space, but you may grow quite found of it in record time.

With the Sleep pen, there wasn’t an entirely noticeable difference. I didn’t hit my Sleep pen and suddenly need to hit the pillow just as I wasn’t giggling uncontrollably after smoking the Bliss. In short, I’m skeptical you need to give too much thought to which pen you start with, although Bliss having the most THC certainly sets the tone for what to expect from that formula. After hitting the Sleep, I did feel I could easily drift off to a nice slumber (I sampled it shortly before bedtime), so for those with insomnia who may not want a full-fledged high, a single dose of Sleep is likely to hit the spot.

In summary, I am definitely a convert to the hmbldt brand. I think these pens are best used as personal pick-me-ups versus big group get-togethers, but with little smell and extreme ease of transport, I may be turning the hmbldt Bliss into my go-to travel accessory. I brought my pen to a concert just last weekend, and taking my controlled dosage as Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters strummed his way through “Wish You Were Here”  was certainly bliss.