Grav Labs Upright Bubbler

We’ve all heard that heartbreaking sound before.

I’ve never witnessed an angel cry, but I imagine it might sound something like the shattering of glass when you accidentally knock your bubbler over. Although built to withstand the occasional clumsy elbow, the fact of the matter is that bubblers by nature are attracted to hard surfaces. If your precious bubbler can leap from your coffee table and break beyond repair, at some point it will.

Enter Grav Labs, which has taken a basic bubbler and designed it to stand upright. At six inches tall, it’s in line with other Helix products in that it uses thick borosilicate glass, giving it both a sleek aesthetic and a comfort- ing extra buffer against breakage.

With a firm base, this unit isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it almost feels wrong to pick it up: It sits so proudly on your table that, as with a sleeping cat, you want to just leave it be and muse about how cute it is. But beyond being cute, this bubbler is also immensely practical.

While I’ve yet to determine how one fills a bubbler with water in a way that isn’t clumsy or somewhat annoy- ing, the Grav Labs Upright Bubbler is certainly no more difficult to fill than other products on the market. A very small bowl produced a sizable amount of smoke, which provides a smooth hit.

Compared to vaporizers, bubblers often provide a less economic use of flower, but this model seems to make the most of what you put into it.

When I used it with two friends, we were able to make a little more than a kernel of a bowl go around the table without having to reload.

Of note is the funnel bowl accessory that was included with the Grav

Labs Upright Bubbler. Although many water pipes advertise that they have the bowl built right into the bubbler,

I find that getting splashback isn’t simply a possibility with them, but a certified guarantee. That means that whichever user is planning to go second — or, gasp, third! — risks having to light damp flower, a major bummer.

With the funnel bowl, these worries are obsolete. While not packaged with the Grav Labs Upright Bubbler, I’d call it a must-have accessory.

Overall, it’s hard to say this unit is a reason to trash your current glass, but if you’re in the market, it’s certain- ly one to consider. Compared to other bubblers, it’s not an eyesore, it hits great, and the longevity factor is second to none. On the downside, filling and emptying the bubbler requires one to either get the bowl or the mouth- piece initially wet before use, and then again to pour that foulest of creations, bong water, up through your bowl or worse, through the mouthpiece itself.

I found that despite my best ef- forts, it was necessary to pour the last of the water out through the mouth- piece, which made me want to polish the bubbler in rubbing alcohol and then obsessively brush my teeth.

For $49.99, you’re not going to get something of higher quality at a similar price, so you might as well choke down the cons and get yourself a lovely piece of glass that is guaranteed to get the job done and is likely to survive a short dive off your coffee table.


SCORE: 3.5/5