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Gear: The Flosstradamus Source Orb XL is More Hassle Than Pleasure


I was recently gifted the Flosstradamus Source Orb XL — my very first vaporizer. I felt cool, like I was part of some club, and I happily took the Floss home in its nifty black metal case to play with.

That plan lasted as long as it took to open the case. Here’s the rub: This artist-branded vape doesn’t come with a user’s manual. Not only did I have no idea how to use it — a fun challenge made all the more challenging by the fact that the vaporizer comes in multiple pieces that need to be screwed together — but I had no idea whether it was suitable for dry weed or just wax.

After finding the manual online, I did some research — perused Reddit, watched a few unhelpful YouTube videos, and read the manual, which doesn’t make any reference to wax vs. weed. The answer: It takes wax, oil, and other cannabis concentrates.

The Flosstradamus Source Orb XL is identical to the Source Vape Orb XL in every way, except one: Instead of being metallic black in color, it’s matte black. That’s it. That’s the ONLY difference. (We reviewed the “basic” Source Orb XL, with its titanium construction, three-coil heating element and five settings in these pages in March.)

Looks-wise, the Flosstradamus Source Orb XL reminds me of an old film camera or an expensive pair of binoculars. The Flosstradamus Source Orb XL is not for lazy people. It’s not an easy device to understand just by fooling around with it, and it’s easy to miss out on its many cool extra features, like that rotating piece on its base that adjusts airflow and the confusing smart dial on the bottom of its battery stem that apparently adjusts the voltage and the heat.

My first few pulls resulted in a prolonged coughing fit (but that could have been my fault for inhaling too long/too much), but that just goes to show you how powerful those touted atomizers are. There was minimal smoke and hardly any residual smell.

But despite the powerful voltage of the thing, I didn’t get that high and had to take repeated hits off the thing to feel any long-lasting effects.

I’m a newbie and I’m lazy, so maybe the Flosstradamus Source Orb XL isn’t the best vaporizer for me. It certainly makes for a confusing gift for anyone in a similar boat.

But if you’re more into the collection aspect of vaping — or if you’re a major fan of Flosstradamus or electronic music — then this vaporizer will do just fine. That is, if you don’t mind unscrewing the mouthpiece from the battery element every time you want to place it back in its case.


Cool factor: The bulbous, onion-dome-like mouthpiece of the Source ORB is here, and you will look cool smoking from it. I heard from various people that it reminded them of a hookah or “that thing that the caterpillar smoked from in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.” (Spoiler: Also a hookah.)

Practicality: There are too many disparate parts to this one vape. You have to constantly unscrew and take it apart so as to fit it back in the case. Plus, it’s heavy. So is it convenient and easy to hit on the run? Hell to-the-no.

Affordability: The Flosstradamus Source Orb XL costs $119.95. Except for its matte coloring, it has everything that the Source Vape Orb XL has, and that one’s only $89.95. So if you don’t even know who Flosstradmus is, you’re better off with the plain ol’ (and $30 less) Source Vape Orb XL.

Overall: The Flosstradamus Source Orb XL is clunky, takes time to assemble, and requires frequent refilling. Yes, it is less messy than a good ol’ ceramic pipe, but at least pipes are tiny, cheap, and easily transportable. In other words, I’m glad I tried this, but I’ll stick to my pipe and other wax vapes, thank you much.

Rating: 2/5

Photo by Jessica Christian

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  1. Tyson Johnson

    lol if you cant tell the difference between a weed and wax pen by looking at it how did you end up being a reviewer for these kind of items?

    its so obvious – everything dry herb has a chamber. wax pens look obvious for wax most have coils.

    the floss kit is good but i prefer the nail atomizers – i have a pieced together similar 40w using an xl attachment and a quartz nail atomizer

    maybe you should stick to micro g’s and don’t drive a stickshift

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