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Garden Society Brews Pot Chocolate

These ‘choc full of pot’ chocolates will get high marks from artisan chocoholics who want a little cannabis kick in their gift box.

We’re proud to live in an era when marijuana is considered a perfectly fine Mother’s Day gift. If you’re considering Mary Jane for your momma, you might want to chew over a new variety of epicurean chocolates from Garden Society.

These cannabis-infused confections come from the renowned foodie destination of Sonoma County, with a recipe from SIMI Winery chef Kolin Vazzoler. The cannabis in these treats is biodynamically grown in Mendocino County, if you’re a fan of that wine-and-weed country vintage.

Any objective chocolate fan would say these are culinarily far better than See’s Candy, and there is absolutely no “taste of weed” flavor to them. Visually, each individual chocolate is classy and cute, with stunning little decorative tops that will elicit gasps and delighted squeals.

These gourmet chocolates deliver a pleasant body buzz that isn’t at all socially debilitating. Garden Society’s origin story is rooted in the founder’s recovery from hip surgeries, and it shows in their oil formulation that brings targeted physical relaxation.

There are two varieties of these artisan treats. The Indica Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt are more potent, at 10 milligrams of THC per piece — eight pieces per box — and intended more for couchlock or sleep. Parenthetically, they are as tasty as any milk chocolates that come to mind.

The much lower-dosed Sativa Spiced Dark Chocolates with Chili have five milligrams of THC each, and they’re prepared with a very unconventional cayenne pepper and New Mexico chile powder recipe. They’re not bad, but the exotic, spicy aftertaste may be for a certain acquired-taste sort of chocolate lover.

The trouble with these chocolates is their precarious packaging. They’re packed into an unusually tight zip bag, and the box holding the chocolates has no lid. This presents an extremely high risk that chocolates will come flying out of the box upon removal, leaving you to consider your stance on the five-second rule about food that hits the floor.

With a box of eight chocolates costing around $24 (before state and local taxes), each dropped piece represents a $3 loss. You’re advised to be really cautious when opening the box.

Garden Society chocolates are better for dinner parties or as refined gifts; they’re not as practical for festival-hopping. But for high-end chocolates in your choice of microdose or major dose, they do hit the sweet spot.

Potency: Both varieties are differently dosed. The milk chocolates are the heavy hitters, the dark chocolates are a more modest buzz.

Smell: Not much chocolate smell detectable here unless you let them melt in your hands, and there’s certainly no trace of cannabis aroma.

Taste: The Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt is a richer, tastier iteration of what you’re used to. The Spiced Dark Chocolate with chili is a sweet, salty, and spicy all-at-once flavor that may be more for the chocolate-adventurous.

Appearance: The chocolates are gorgeous, and their packaging is pretty — but a little impractical to manage.

Medical Application: These are certainly formulated for a relaxing body buzz, and would probably deliver a little pain relief. There are no trippy or antisocial effects that are associated with some edibles.

Effect: The carefully crafted buzz of Garden Society chocolates won’t leave you on the floor, but the candies might fall on it if you aren’t careful unboxing them.


Available in San Francisco at The Apothecarium. Visit for details.