Double Dream

Double Dream

In the middle of an arthritic flare and a nerve-wracking week, I was desperate to find some sort of sativa that would keep me alert and also help relieve my pain — and that’s when I found Double Dream. The sativa-dominant hybrid of parent strains Blue Dream and Dream Star is relaxing while being mentally stimulating and also effective in combating pain associated with inflammation.

In small amounts, the strain provides euphoria and mental stimulation. The mental stimulation is more conducive to coming up with “high-deas” than actually getting work done, but nonetheless the high is fairly clear-headed and allows for some light focus. Was I able to write this review after smoking Double Dream? No, but that didn’t stop me from trying! Was I able to get chores around the house done? Yes — and they were a delight (and when do you ever say that about housework?). While the mental stimulation and energy from the high might not be productive, it does make mundane tasks much more fun and entertaining.

In larger amounts, this strain will show you its relaxing properties — and fast. If you decide to continue your Double Dream and smoke more than just about one bowl, the high becomes increasingly more cathartic until you’re deep into the couch lock.

The high lasts more than two hours with a very gradual comedown and, depending on how much you smoked, it will either be a social and energetic buzz or it will gently lull you to sleep.

Appearance: Large, dense, round green buds that are entirely frosted and boast many red trichomes.

Effects: Euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief.

Aroma: While I expected the aroma to be more similar to that of the parent strain Blue Dream, the aroma was less berry-scented and more pungent with hints of earthy, spicy sweetness.

Taste: The smoke was incredibly smooth and tasted sweet and floral, slightly citrusy, and with a hint of spiciness.

Medical Applicability: Stress, pain, anxiety, nausea, PTSD

Overall Impression: Although the high can be very mentally stimulating, it’s not the most productive high. However, its complex flavor, gentle comedown, and pain-reducing effects have made it an instant favorite in my book.

$20/g, $60/eighth
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