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Beam CBD Jumps on the Anti-THC Bandwagon

THC is not the enemy, but neither is Beam.

THC may not be for everyone, but let’s stop treating it like the poisoned apple in Snow White.

The latest company to build their image at THC’s expense is Beam CBD. “No THC, just TLC” is Beam’s motto, which seems to juxtapose two things that, in reality, often work in tandem.

Marketing choices aside, the reason for Beam’s outward declaration against THC is assuredly inspired by the fact that their products are legal to purchase across the U.S. Drawing this distinction for states where customers may still fret that their online purchase could lead to a stint behind bars does make some sense, but dinging THC to promote your CBD line kinda misses the point of this revolution entirely.

Motto aside, here are the facts on Beam. It was designed by former professional athletes Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran. The product line uses full-spectrum CBD from hemp grown organically in Colorado and includes a tincture, a salve, and a protein bar.

Scroll through their “About” page and you’ll find lots of uplifting assertions about the power of CBD but little in the way of cold hard facts. Instead, the promise of a THC-free experience seems to bank on a “patented technology” that is never fully explained. With respect to the proprietary nature of innovation, getting some information as to how Beam can confidently assert their products are fully devoid of THC would be nice.

We live in a time when bunk CBD is sitting on shelves at CVS and Walmart, so whatever these companies can do to verify their intent and practices would only help them acquire loyal customers. Initial grievances aside, Beam’s offerings seem tailored to target the zeitgeist by appealing to both those who view CBD as a wellness supplement and those who use it to treat symptoms.

Case in point: the power bar.

Offering “14 grams of plant-based protein,” Beam’s CBD Powered Protein Bar is not to be confused with a whimsical dining adventure. The flavor is nearly non-existent, although perhaps that’s a positive for those who have just finished an intense workout? In any case, consuming a full bar between lunch and dinner definitely kept my hunger at bay.

Was the CBD effective? As always, it’s quite difficult to judge CBD without a prolonged period of consumption, but I definitely started the evening feeling awake and devoid of the sluggishness that can sometimes hit as the sun begins to set.

The Fixer is Beam’s CBD salve. With hints of lavender and beeswax, the Fixer felt great being rubbed into sore shoulder blades and achy knees. Of course, when you’re dealing with a one-ounce jar that costs $64.95, it can feel wasteful to use enough of the salve to really get the desired effect, but Beam’s prices are fairly standard in this regard.

Finally comes the One, a CBD tincture available in two flavors (natural and fresh mint) and three concentrations (250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg). While it’s impossible to fully separate the effects of Beam’s oil from the other cannabis products this reviewer was consuming during the same period, I did use the fresh mint oil for a week.

The taste is fine — I’d suggest it over natural, which just feels too much like putting an eye-dropper worth of Soylent under your tongue — and the results were pleasant. During the week that I used the One, I did find my insomnia slightly lessened and that I had a bit more energy when I visited the gym.

Overall, I wish Beam could find a way to play nicely with THC. I’m not suggesting they branch out into that arena, but CBD is not superior; it’s simply different. The sooner that distinction makes its way into the marketing agencies currently empowered with defining how the next generation will view cannabis, the better.

The fact is that Beam may actually be a really solid contribution in the CBD landscape. The question is why that’s not enough?


Potency: The One is available in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg concentrations. The Fixer features 500 mg of CBD in a one-ounce jar. Beam’s CBD Powered Protein Bar offers 20 mg of CBD in a two-ounce portion.

Medical Application: Potentially helpful for any condition that can be aided by CBD. Insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety are all ideal afflictions to target.

Effect: Subtle but present. CBD is best consumed like a supplement, so if you can afford to use the oil, salve, or eat a Beam protein bar on the daily, you should notice the benefits sooner than later.


Beam CBD,  The One ($49.95-$119.95), The Fixer ($64.95), Protein Bar ($29.95),

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