Acme Elixrs Tangelo Helps Get You Through the Day

My teenage self really wishes that extract pens had been around in the late ’90s. The technology obliterates the barrier to entry between not getting high to just, you know, being the perfect amount of high to go about your day. On top of that, they’re tasty, portable, and oh-so-discreet.

In some ways, they’re my “flying car.”

And if you like casually ripping a pen as the morning unfolds, then the cartridge Acme Elixrs offers is just what the doctor ordered (although now you don’t need one). They come in a variety of strains — including Gorilla Glue, Diablo Kush, and Grapefruit OG — so there appears to be something for everyone.

I spent about a week with a Tangelo cartridge, derived from an organically grown Tangie whose roots can be traced back to DNA Genetics, although the specific pheno is unique to Acme. I had a fantastic time.

Acme doesn’t use any harmful additives or solvents in making its oil, and this comes through in the experience: The cartridge delivers a clean puff of vapor and doesn’t leave you coughing suspiciously, as some extracts tend to do.

The super-tasty flavor is consistent with what you’d expect from a strain called “Tangelo” — bright, citrusy, refreshing — but it’s the manageable high that made this thing my travel buddy from time I picked it up. The oil consists of 50-percent THC and 30-percent terpenes, and it shepherds in a delightful, creative, energetic buzz that, if not overdone, allows you to both high and productive. This holy grail of substance intake doesn’t come often, and I was grateful for the opportunity to achieve it.

The pen’s OK-for-dad-to-smoke nature is also a result of the cannabis from which the oil was derived. Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid that pays homage to Tangerine Dream, a much sought-after strain from the 1990s. I’m sometimes wary of sativa-dominant weed (especially in extracts) because if it’s too top-heavy, I get all paranoid.

But not here. The Tangelo cartridge from Acme Elixrs is an exceedingly clean product that was just what I was looking for. It was a great companion to running errands, finally watching the new Star Wars — I liked it … get bent, haters — and baking an entire chicken. I really enjoyed the fact that I could take multiple hauls without getting ripped, dialing in my high exactly the way I wanted it.

I wish I could teleport this thing back to my former self so he could puff all day — and keep his part-time job.

Potency: 53-percent THC, 30-percent terpenes, 17-percent organic lipids and fats from the cannabis.

Smell: Juicy, kind of like those tiny oranges you see in bowls around the holidays.

Taste: Fruity, a teensy-tiny hint of mint. Extremely pleasant.

Appearance: Standard cartridge. The Tangelo has an orange tip.

Medical application: Tangie is great for anxiety and depression.

Effect: A great, remarkably clean high that doesn’t put you down. Get’s the creative juices flowing.

Final verdict: A solid cartridge for someone looking for quality oil that you can puff, then get on with your life. An excellent product.


Acme Elixrs is available for delivery through Feelgood SF, feelgoodmed.com